“Limitation makes the creative mind inventive.”

Walter Gropius


Welcome to Danielle Architects, where architectural dreams become extraordinary realities. Led by the visionary Danielle Pardo Rabani, our esteemed firm specializes in delivering high-standard architectural services for discerning clients, many residing abroad. With an unwavering commitment to exceptional design, meticulous craftsmanship, and impeccable attention to detail, Danielle Architects is your partner in creating architectural masterpieces that transcend expectations.

From Historic

Drawing inspiration from the rich architectural history of Florence, Danielle Pardo Rabani infuses every project with a deep understanding of the foundations of modern architecture. Grounded in the principles of architectural composition, materials, and proportions, our designs are born out of purposeful intent. We believe that every design choice should have a reason – whether historical, constructive, or emotional – resulting in a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Danielle Pardo Rabani

At Danielle Architects, we believe that limitations fuel creativity and propel us to deliver exceptional results.

Our firm specializes in residential architecture and interior design, combining the best of Italian building standards with the efficiency of Israeli timing. With a commitment to unwavering quality, attention to detail, and adherence to planned timetables, Danielle Architects ensures that every project exceeds expectations.

From Sketch To Real Life

At Danielle Architects, we pride ourselves on transforming your vision into reality.

With a keen eye for converting concepts into perspective sketches, Danielle effortlessly captures the essence of your vision, helping you envision your dream project coming to life.

During meetings and on-site visits, these sketches provide immediate visualization of ideas, allowing for seamless communication and alignment throughout the design process.

Leading Projects

Discover an exclusive living experience that blends modern design with nature in the heart of Jerusalem. The project’s incredible location offers a stunning view of the flourishing forests of Jerusalem and Mount Herzl, providing a peaceful and inspiring environment. 

The design of the houses is positioned like telescopes to take in the view, ensuring an unobstructed and open view of the breathtaking scenery. The houses are integrated with the natural slope and feature floor-to-ceiling windows, providing a seamless transition between inside and outside. 

Each unit comprises 400 square meters, including two floors, a basement, and a 250 square meter private garden. The lush greenery of the private garden becomes part of the interior design, creating a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors while maintaining privacy. 

The contemporary architectural design uses stone, glass, and wood for the facade finishes, creating a modern and elegant look connected to Jerusalem’s stone building heritage. It is an exclusive living experience that blends contemporary design with nature, providing a peaceful and inspiring environment in the heart of Jerusalem.

Tucked away amongst the picturesque little towns of Northern Italy, nestling beside gently flowing streams and rustic historical villages, sits an ancient property over 100 years old. This property will be transformed into a unique holiday residence that will cater to those interested in temporarily cutting themselves off from the urban daily grind, to connect with nature and the authentic scenery melted in an elegant design.

This private residence in Jerusalem embodies the perfect harmony between modern living and serene surroundings. With thoughtful design, the upper floor welcomes family and guests with its spacious “day areas” immersed in a beautiful front garden. The big openings connect indoor and outdoor spaces and allow a flow of natural light and fresh air all day long. The lower floor provides private sanctuaries, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and a playroom, all seamlessly connected to a rear garden boasting a large children’s play area. The accurate design and the strong connections with the beautiful gardens create a unique atmosphere, once crossed the threshold of the property, the residence seems to be in the peaceful countryside rather than a vibrant neighborhood of the capital.

Nestled in the heart of Siena, in an elegant building of the early twentieth century, this penthouse underwent an expansion and transformation to reflect the owner’s classical-elegant taste. The interior design project focused on preserving the historical charm of the space while infusing it with contemporary elements. Every detail was carefully planned, from the imported Parisian fireplace from the 1700s to the meticulously restored vintage furniture. Crafted by skilled artisans with generations of experience, the carpentry, forging, and glasswork added an unparalleled touch of craftsmanship. The result is a harmonious blend of old-world elegance and modern sophistication, creating a timeless and refined living space.

Nestled in the historical Rehavia district of Jerusalem, this project posed unique challenges due to the lot’s shape and size. With meticulous planning, we maximized space efficiency in the plans and ensured the building’s facade exuded a sense of modernity and elegance. The result is a stunning addition to a Jerusalem landmark.

The TAMA 38.1 – SHMUEL HANAGID project involved the expansion and enhancement of a sophisticated 1970s building in the historical Rehavia district, Jerusalem. Two additional floors were seamlessly integrated, and each existing apartment gained a generous 25 sqm expansion. The result is an elegant building that harmonically combines the old design with the new one.

The Root Of Our Inspiration

Inspired by the rich architectural heritage of Florence, Danielle Architects brings a profound appreciation for the historical roots of modern architecture. Our holistic approach ensures that each design concept is grounded in a strong foundation, that marries historical, constructive, and emotional elements, creating architectural compositions harmonious that stand the test of time.

Academic excellence and recognitions further exemplify the caliber of Danielle Architects. With a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Architecture, Interior Design, and Urban Planning from the prestigious University of Florence, Danielle received excellence awards for her outstanding achievements. Her journey also includes invaluable experiences in renowned architectural firms in Paris, Siena, and Jerusalem, honing her skills and enriching her design sensibilities.

Academics and Awards

  • In 1999, Won a scholarship from the Israeli Ministry of foreign affairs to work with the Head of the planning department of Architecture at Betzalel University, Jerusalem.
  • In 1998, Won a scholarship and worked in Paris at Dubosc and Landowski Architects.
  • In 1997, BA & MA degree in Architecture, Interior Design and Urban planning at the University of Florence, Italy- excellence award.

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